How Brand Protection Safeguards Your Customers and Your Reputation

Your organization’s most important asset is its brand. The brand encompasses everything — the people, services, products, interactions — that comes to mind when thinking about your organization. Any damage done to your brand as a whole has an outsize effect and can cause the public to lose trust, and ultimately choose another option. Case in point: 80% of consumers will defect from a business that has compromised their data.

But, it’s not just data breaches that can hurt a brand’s image. There are many different ways threat actors can target your brand and inflict damage. Protecting your brand requires monitoring numerous attack methods and due diligence.

Read this e-book to learn:
• Examples of the different ways a brand can be attacked
• Why brand attacks can be so damaging
• How to protect your brand with intelligence
• A real-world example of brand protection results