How to Stay Relevant While Increasing Your Customer Footprint

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Your customers trust you to keep them current and competitive, but are they maximizing their potential around the customer experience? You may be missing out on potential revenue streams in the data platform space that could help them differentiate, and help you create a practice around this new market.

In an age of constantly rising customer expectations, customer experience has become the new competitive advantage. The problem is, traditional relational databases like Oracle weren’t built to meet the quickly changing requirements of modern web, mobile, and IoT apps. That’s why leading companies are switching to Couchbase’s NoSQL Engagement Database to deliver the consistently brilliant, personalized, and responsive digital experiences their customers demand.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the market trends that are driving the need for an Engagement Database, and provide an overview of how it differs from, yet complements, other databases. We’ll examine the opportunity that solution providers have in building a practice in this area, including:
Staying relevant in their space
Offering a differentiated solution
Growing their footprint with Enterprise customers

Finally, we will provide an overview of the new PartnerEngage Program from Couchbase which allows providers a head-start in harnessing this new market.

Register now, and we’ll show you how our Engagement Database can help you build a successful practice around helping customers revolutionize the way they create amazing customer experiences.