How to use the syslog-ng PE’s new Google Stackdriver destination

Google Stackdriver is a flexible and convenient way to monitor and manage your cloud-based assets, regardless of where they are located or how they are configured. If your organization is completely in the cloud, has apps on Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services, or if you manage a hybrid environment, Stackdriver is a terrific solution.

Join this on-demand webinar, hosted by syslog-ng’s – Craig Finnan, systems engineer and product specialist, to learn how to set up and use the new syslog-ng PE Google Stackdriver destination.

Topics discussed in the webinar include how to:
• Send on-prem log messages collected and processed by syslog-ng PE to GCP
• Browse and search syslog-ng log messages using the Stackdriver Log Viewer
• Enhance log-search capabilities by leveraging name-value pairs automatically parsed by syslog-ng
• Collect and monitor syslog-ng statistics using Stackdriver Monitoring