HP CLOUDSYSTEM: An Integrated Platform For Private, Public, And Hybrid Clouds

It’s a fact of life: cloud computing is shot. And when it comes to the use of cloud services, business today is actually outpacing IT. Business users have been quick to recognize the cloud’s advantages in speeding innovation, accelerating business process and reducing time to revenue. They’re clamoring for greater cloud access and in some cases even bypassing IT and singing up for public cloud services like those from Amazon and Microsoft. But enterprise and service providers have been slower to adopt cloud solutions because of well-found concerns about security, management and efficiency. They’re uneasy about trying to manage private and public clouds with tradition in-house IT environments. They worry about application choice, security and agility. They agonize over the potential for fragmentation and inefficiency stemming from piecemeal and ad hoc ad option of cloud “puzzle pieces”. And in particular, they lament the lack of a comprehensive integrated cloud solution.

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