Inside the Mind of a Hacker

Inside the Mind of a Hacker
Your Ultimate Guide to Ethical Hackers and the Economics of Security Research

The 2021 Inside the Mind of a Hacker Report presents a captivating portrait of a globally distributed network of security researchers, also known as ethical hackers. These researchers help organizations search for vulnerabilities and advance on our platform with every valid exploit they uncover.

Customers using the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform™ benefit from this human intelligence, which provides expert insight into their attack surface and bolsters the strength of their security posture. Ethical hackers also help our customers reduce their security risk, accelerate digital transformation, and they provide the greatest security program return on investment (ROI).

Download the guide to meet some of our ethical hackers and to learn:
• Who ethical hackers are, the skills they have, and the incentives that motivate them
• What new survey findings can teach us about the next era of vulnerability disclosure
• When ethical hackers do their best work and what gets in the way of their success
• Where security researchers are focused and which industries leverage their expertise
• How ethical hackers behave in high-stakes situations and when no one is looking
• Why companies trust Bugcrowd to continuously secure innovation and mitigate risk