Intrinsic Security: How to Unify and Accelerate Endpoint Security Across the Enterprise

Now more than ever, for every global organization, the cloud is essential. Adapting to COVID-19 is consuming nearly all of our collective attention at the moment. Yet, even before meeting today’s crisis, private and public sector leaders were focused on how to expand global operations while also navigating their teams through a digital transformation.

As most executives come to realize, the cloud is the way—truly the only viable way—for businesses to thrive. In fact, no matter what captures our attention today or next year, the path forward hangs on the promise of the cloud. Yet, with opportunities come risks. Especially when moves are made without considering likely security outcomes (e.g., cloud misconfigurations, unprotected Amazon S3 buckets, etc.). Unless and until security is built in straight from the start, every step of a digital transformation is at risk.

This paper provides a roadmap for putting your cybersecurity program on solid footing. By implementing unified security at the core control layers—endpoints, networks, identity systems, clouds and the workloads running on them—enterprise teams can reduce risk and costs while also meeting business goals. That’s what intrinsic security is all about.