Is the Data Dilemma Holding Back Digital Innovation?

Nearly every industry today is in the midst of a digital disruption driven by the unprecedented acceleration of new technology. This unstoppable transformation is redefining the rules of success and driving customer expectations higher every day.

This Couchbase report reveals that to remain competitive – or even to remain in existence – businesses have no choice but to deliver consistently amazing customer experiences powered by the agile, responsive, and scalable use of data.

But, even after spending millions of dollars to achieve their digital innovation goals, many IT leaders still feel their organizations are at risk of being left behind. Why? Because legacy databases simply can’t deliver the agility, reliability, scalability, and performance required by modern applications.

In our exclusive survey of 450 heads of digital innovation:
• 89% said their industry is, or is about to be, disrupted by digital technology
• 95% said the aim of digital innovation should be to give customers and end-users a truly unique experience
• 84% reported projects being cancelled or hindered because of legacy database limitations
• 80% felt their organization was at risk of being left behind by the competition
• 54% said organizations that don’t keep up will be gone in under 5 years

This report investigates how enterprises are reacting to digital disruption, including: What they believe the aims of digital transformation should be. Whether they’re meeting those objectives. How and why their inability to use data is holding them back. And what the consequences are for organizations that can’t keep up with the rapid pace of innovation.

The report includes complete survey results and analysis along with unique insights into how to choose the right technology to drive digital innovation and exceptional customer experiences.