Journey to IAM Success: Exclusive Insights and Recommendations

Read this insightful overview of IAM-project strategy from KuppingerCole and One Identity to hear from organizations that have made the journey to IAM success and learn their recommendations for preparing the way and executing your IAM project.

This IAM-focused document features point of views from Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal analyst from KuppingerCole, as well as recommendations from IT leaders that work for or support global brands from industries as diverse as banking, media and broadcasting, education and manufacturing.

Ultimately, the contributors share five key points that you should consider when taking on an IAM journey:

Get stakeholder buy-in upfront
Set reasonable expectations
Agree on responsibilities for all systems and owners that are impacted by IAM
Define the organization for project implementation and full adoption
Look down the road to ensure your IAM program is adaptable to trends