Keeping Up to Speed: How a New Learning Mindset is Transforming Today’s Workplace

What does workplace learning mean to you? Is it in-house training, courses and conferences? Or does it extend to giving employees the opportunities to learn, and to share their learning, in the context of their day-to-day work? While formal training continues to be important, organizations are increasingly recognizing that learning “at the point of need” or “just-in-time” is a powerful way to engage and motivate employees, while helping them develop skills to meet current and future business demands. Why do we need to keep learning? In a digitally connected world and workplace where information is cheap and easy to come by, the ability to connect with others and to make sense of “information noise” is a critical and valued skill. Learning is no longer an add-on. Learning is the work. Learning is not about demonstrating compliance or understanding of a static body of knowledge; it is about keeping up-to-date and up-to-skill. And, crucially, it is about changing what we do accordingly. It needs to happen in every project, in every client/customer encounter — every day.