Micro-Segmentation For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Are you ready for a more modern approach to transforming data center security? One that assumes threats can be anywhere — and are probably everywhere — and then acts accordingly. Micro-segmentation not only adopts such an approach, but also delivers the operational agility of network virtualization that is foundational to a modern software-defined data center.

Get the details on micro-segmentation in our new updated comprehensive, easy-to-read book. Micro-segmentation For Dummies, 2nd Edition. Download your copy.

VMware and Intel transform networking and security with the Virtual Cloud Network, a networking vision for the digital era. The Virtual Cloud Network, built on NSX technology running on Intel Architecture, provides a ubiquitous software layer across data center, cloud, edge, and other hardware infrastructure, and delivers pervasive connectivity and security for applications and data wherever they reside.