NetSuite Retail Edition: A Cloud Management System for Retail Companies

An award-winning software solution by itself will not run your business. It takes a team to do that. In addition to selecting the best cloud solution on the market, it takes smart and dedicated people leveraging their business acumen and best practices to build a brand, expand, and grow the business profitably over time. Retailers must be agile in a highly competitive landscape and bring near-constant innovation into their businesses to keep pace with customer expectations.

The same is true for your business solution partners. It takes a team of dedicated professionals tightly focused on your business sector to deliver a truly competitive platform. That’s why NetSuite created the Retail team. We have combined sales, marketing, solutions consultants, software development and professional services into one team. Download this white paper to understand how the NetSuite Retail team is dedicated to innovating, building, selling, and delivering the best solution experience on the market.