Nine Best Practices to Improve Active Directory Security and Cyber Resilience

A little digging into the many recent, headline-grabbing data breaches reveals one common thread: It was often a lapse in internal security that enabled the attack to succeed, despite robust external security. Employees can use their access permissions to steal your data deliberately or put it in danger accidentally, and stolen credentials and weak passwords turn outside attackers into insiders in a heartbeat. Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is a prime target for these attackers because of its importance in authentication and authorization for all users.

What can you do to defend your organization against the real and growing insider threat? This ebook can help. You’ll learn:
• Why attackers target AD and how the growing popularity of Office 365 increases the threat
• What an AD security breach means to the organization
• Why it is difficult to secure Active Directory using native auditing alone
• How a typical insider threat unfolds and how to identify common insider threat indicators
• How following nine critical security best practices will help you minimize the risk of the internal threats to the availability, confidentiality and integrity of your AD