Office 365, Compromised On-demand Webinar

So far this year, Area 1 has intercepted $273 MILLION+ in active Business Email Compromise — phishing attempts that were missed by Office 365, email gateways and other traditional defenses.

Even with ATP, if you’re missing a purpose-built, cloud-native email security layer, your Office 365 users are at risk for Business Email Compromise phishing and other advanced threats.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear:
• How bad actors evade Office 365’s ATP, email authentication and other security layers to successfully phish your users
• Recent examples of BEC and other phishing campaigns that bypassed Office 365 defenses, but were blocked by Area 1
• How to boost Office 365’s native security with six cloud-native techniques, such as campaign source analytics, conversational context analysis, partner social graphing and more