Privileged Access Governance – Close the Gap Between Privileged Access and Standard-User Identities

Now, there’s no reason why you can’t have a complete view of all your identities and rights, from standard-user to privileged users. One Identity’s Privileged Account Governance (PAG) bridges the management gap.

Learn how you can use account provisioning and access governance capabilities of an identity governance and administration (IGA) system while continuing to leverage your privilege account, access- and session-management capabilities of PAM technologies.

The benefits of integrating these two solutions include:

• A central repository to manage all accounts (privileged, and non-privileged)
•Unified identity lifecycle management and provisioning processes that eliminate administration silos
•Simplified compliance and governance with centralized policy and administration
•Consistent access-governance processes that eliminate redundant tasks and enforce separation of duties (SoD) policies
•A streamlined user experience

Read our technical brief to learn how our Privileged Account Governance (PAG) module can greatly simplify management of all your identities – privileged and standard users.