Ransomware Protection: Last Line of Defense, First Step in Data Recovery

A ransomware attack is a classic ticking-clock scenario. Your critical business data has suddenly been taken hostage. Hackers have used advanced encryption to render it inaccessible — and now they’re demanding an exorbitant amount of money to decrypt it. How will you respond? Can you ensure the safety of your data if you refuse to pay — or even if you do? While you consider your options, your organization remains paralyzed. Every passing minute increases the pressure to make the right choice.

This scenario has already struck companies of all sizes across industries around the world. Yours could be next. Are you ready?

In this guide, we’ll explore the ever-evolving threat of ransomware — and what you can do about it. First, we’ll examine ransomware as one of the many threats to recovery readiness facing today’s organizations. Then we’ll drill deeper into the nature, impact and direction of this insidious form of attack. Pivoting from awareness to empowerment, we’ll then explore the elements of risk management, including planning, prevention, monitoring, fast restores and testing.

Finally, you’ll learn how recovery readiness can keep you from becoming a victim by providing a critical last line of defense against ransomware. Your stand against ransomware begins now. Read on.