Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions

Your SAP® landscape is the core of critical business operations like enterprise resource planning, supply-chain management, and customer experience administration, as well as complex, real-time analytics use cases. The underlying infrastructure of your SAP landscape can greatly affect how well it supports your business. You need a reliable foundation that delivers stability, performance, security, and availability at scale. Standardizing on Red Hat’s integrated portfolio across your IT and SAP infrastructure can help you optimize your environment and operations while preparing for future digital leadership. Combining an intelligent operating system with predictive management tools and SAP-specific content, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for SAP Solutions provides a single, consistent foundation for SAP and non-SAP workloads. It also lets you extend your IT to hybrid cloud and container environments using Red Hat OpenShift®, an enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions delivers key features and benefits for your SAP landscape and IT environment.