Reduce the Risk of Ransomware Incidents With Fortinet

Today’s enterprises have a lot going on. And the result is that organizations are more exposed to cyberattacks like ransomware than ever. Ongoing digital transformation, the quick switch from office to anywhere work, the acceleration of application and service delivery from the cloud, the diversity of connectivity on and off the corporate network and more, expand the attack surface. And while ransomware continues to enter organizations by email, it increasingly gains access via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and vulnerability exploits.

Along with risk exposure, business impacts and consequences are growing. As the FBI noted in the Cyber Summit session, “Trends and Predictions in Ransomware,” there has been an explosion in ransomware, with demands reaching the millions. It is essential that organizations put the right mix of security controls in place (to balance acceptable risk with cost and effort) across the Cyber Kill Chain of these campaigns. Fortinet offers the broadest set of security products, services, and training to reduce the risk of a ransomware incident at multiple stages of that Cyber Kill Chain, before cyber criminals achieve their ultimate goal.