Report: The Dark Market – A New Economy

As remote work proliferated around the world in 2020, new opportunities for underground cybermarkets were created at a time when the tools and communication vehicles for cybercriminals are as innovative, inexpensive and readily available as they have ever been. An unfortunate reality of 2020 is that an underground economy thrived on stolen credentials, malicious software and tools for financial fraud.

Armor, a Rackspace Technology™ partner, investigated the dark web to pull back the curtain on these shadowy cybercrime markets and give you a first-hand look at how bad actors work relentlessly to undermine business.

In this report, you’ll learn about:
• New developments on the dark web
• Going prices for hackers goods and services
• Available cybercrime services
• Tools of cybercrime trade
• How ransomware is evolving

And most importantly, you’ll learn how you can help protect your organization with proven and comprehensive security practices.

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