Retrofit Your Risk Strategy: How to Develop a Risk-Aware Culture 

Siloed Risk Management Approaches Don’t Work

Today, companies face concerns about supply chain and third-parties across viability, supplier concentration risk, supplier performance and fraud. At the same time, a multitude of risk domains are required for compliance—and these risks are now top-of-mind for executives and their boards.

Don’t wait for the “big one” to hit while constantly repairing damage from tremors along the way. Instead, focus on building a Risk-Aware Culture: a proactive stance where risk isn’t an afterthought or solely the responsibility of risk and compliance teams—rather, the accountability for risk is carried across the business.

In this guide, you will learn:
• 3 faults of siloed risk management in organizations today
• 3 benefits of a business spend management approach for risk management
• 9 steps to build a proactive Risk-Aware Culture