State and Local Government Agencies’ SharePoint Migration Planning Guide

Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 migration projects are inherently complicated and risky – and this goes double for state and local government agencies. Your SharePoint environment is critical to the productivity of your agency, but consolidating and migrating the legacy infrastructure is a daunting task given your resource and budget constraints.

So how can you ensure a successful SharePoint content migration that is seamless for your users?

This guide will help. It details all the essential steps in planning a SharePoint migration, and along with best practices and proven solutions for reducing risk, driving platform adoption and maximizing ROI. Among many other things, you’ll discover how to:

• Reduce migration effort and risk with a proper inventory of your existing environment.
• Create a target environment that is easier to use, manage and secure by adopting new SharePoint features and functionality.
• Smoothly handle evolving business requirements with a strong change management model.
• Get the migration done right by choosing effective SharePoint migration tools and working with experienced partners.