State of Skills Report: How Leaders Invest in Learning

Innovation and the ever-increasing pace of change poses a variety of challenges to technology leaders and the teams they manage. Some are eager to identify the relevant emerging tools and platforms they need to stay ahead of competitors, while others seek more effective solutions for up-skilling and investing in employees to stay ahead.

We asked 390 technology leaders about these challenges and what they’re doing to solve them.

Their answers revealed three distinct groups with differing attitudes and approaches to tech investment and skills development, with a variety of organization sizes and industries found within each group.

Prioritizers work in forward-thinking organizations that emphasize skills development, and make up 27 percent of respondents.

Functionals find creative ways to provide skills development opportunities, and account for 23 percent.

Strugglers don’t provide up-to-date—if any—skills development in their organizations, and represent the remaining 50 percent of respondents.

The gap between those who prioritize technology skills development and those who fail to see or struggle to implement them raises more than a few red flags for leaders. Here’s what we learned.