Strategies to Ensure Success for Your Governance Project

Are you sure you have the right protections and controls in place to implement an effective identity governance program within your organization?
Read our ebook to discover clear guidelines you can follow to successfully implement your own identity governance project.

Once you’ve put in place the policies and mechanisms of identity and access management, governance is the process of ensuring that all the right people know about them and agree that they are right. Governance is the Last Mile, atop the pyramid of your IAM maturity model, which is why it proves elusive to so many organizations.

This e-book offers you several clear guidelines for your own IAG effort:

The 7 “rights” that go into governance
The technical term auditors apply when you say, “I trust that everything is correct. After all, we haven’t had an incident.”
The benefits of putting provisioning in the hands of line-of-business managers
The 4 recommendations for getting your organization through that Last Mile
Read the e-book “Strategies to ensure success for your Identity Governance Project” to find out more about why governance is important and how you can achieve it.