The 451 Take on Cloud-Native: Truly Transformative for Enterprise IT

Microservices. Kubernetes. Service mesh. Serverless. These “cloud native” technologies are becoming an essential part of digital transformation efforts for modern enterprise IT. It’s clear this trend is following in the steps of Agile and DevOps—and could penetrate 50% of organizations within the next few years.

Download a free copy of this 451 Research report and discover the transformative reality of cloud native technologies. You can find out:
• What “cloud native” means and definitions of the key technologies, including containers, Kubernetes, service mesh, and serverless.
• Why cloud native inherently leads to greater software complexity—and why monitoring tools and DevOps practices are critical in these environments.
• Why organizational models and approaches to cloud native vary greatly and there’s no “one size fits all” recipe for success.
• How adjacent trends such as SecDevOps, data analytics, machine learning, AI, and IoT (among others) may eventually be incorporated into cloud native.