The 6 Most Compelling Use Cases for Complete Legacy VPN Replacement

Modernize your infrastructure: achieve 100% legacy remote access VPN retirement

As legacy remote access VPNs prove to be doing more harm than good for most organizations, ZTNA emerges as the modern alternative. It’s time for organizations to put their VPN in the past. But where do you start?

It’s important to understand and prioritize key use cases as you plan to migrate and achieve full VPN retirement. You then need to know what to look for in a ZTNA solution. Unlike other solutions today, Netskope ZTNA Next is the only solution that allows you to retire your VPN for good.

Read this Ebook and understand:
• Why VPNs are no longer adequate for organizations
• The 6 key use cases to prepare you for retiring your VPN
• How you can achieve complete legacy remote access VPN replacement
• Key differentiators in the award-winning Netskope platform, highlighted by customers and top global analysts as a world-class modern DLP solution