The Great Data Reckoning: How Enterprise Imaging Is Managing Images and Data Better

Discover storage infrastructure that is evergreen, simple, sustainable, and affordable

Healthcare IT leaders today are reevaluating their data storage and infrastructure
options to reduce costs while improving quality of care and user experience. For
example, approximately 40% of U.S. health systems have invested in enterprise imaging and use a single vendor neutral archive for images and data.

In this eBook, gain insight from data and IT experts who share how a sustainable
enterprise imaging storage solution can improve performance and reduce IT
complexity. Read how Prime Healthcare and Advanced Radiology Services use all-flash
storage from Pure Storage to accommodate increasing data needs while managing

Learn how an all-flash solution can help you:
• Get a consistent radiologist and patient experience
• Increase throughput and decrease turnaround time
• Consolidate applications and remove data silos

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