The QA Engineer’s Guide to Mobile App Testing

Revolutionize Your Mobile App Testing for Engaging User Experiences Using Keysight Test Automation.

In today’s world, where billions of people rely on mobile devices, the role of quality assurance (QA) engineers is more crucial than ever. Google reveals that 81% of users will leave a mobile site or application if it falls below expectations.

Testing mobile apps can be complex and time-consuming. Robust test automation is essential for application teams supporting multiple devices and frequent releases.

Our latest eBook, The QA Engineer’s Guide to Mobile App Testing, dives into the heart of mobile application testing, looking at all the challenges, and innovations to help you overcome them.

In this eBook, discover the following:

• The critical types of mobile application testing needed to catch bugs early.
• Practical strategies to scale when testing many test cases across multiple platforms and releases.
• How AI-driven computer vision technology simplifies complex mobile application testing by testing across the end-to-end application environment.
• How to scale release and UX testing, validating performance, functionality, and security across various platforms and devices.

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