The Road to Multicloud

The road to Cloud Nirvana, so to speak, is not an easy one. It is paved with many a broken EC2 instance, S3 buckets left exposed to the web, and a whole lot of poorly-written YAML.

Increasingly, however, that road doesn’t just pass through Amazon. It passes through many clouds. And justifiably so—many businesses will have many specific use cases for their work, and sometimes there’s a service for precisely that. And it may be that Amazon, while it runs an absolute alphabet soup of cloud services, doesn’t have quite what you need.

To see how things are changing, we analyzed data on more than 600,000 course completions across hundreds of courses. We also conducted multiple surveys of cloud administrators and advocates to see the most important cloud skills across 700 respondents. We viewed a snapshot of our top Azure and AWS courses, creating a basket of companies that had completed both Azure and AWS courses to see what percentage of completions accounted for each cloud platform.

In particular, we see that the road often goes through Azure—if not wholly, then as a partial detour. We increasingly see a world where companies don’t just use multiple clouds—they use various clouds, and they all play well with each other. (Whether the most prominent providers are begrudgingly accepting it or wholly embracing it is a whole other open question).

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