The Ultimate Guide to Model Conditioning

Unlock the “I” in Building Information Modeling and give anyone access to the power of BIM data.

There is a wealth of data available on today’s projects, especially with the growing use of Building Information Modeling, or BIM. The challenge companies now face is how to meaningfully take that data, enrich it, and connect it between their most critical systems and workflows. To make their data work as hard as possible, it must be first extracted and compiled in a way that’s relevant for everyone on the project team.

This process is called model conditioning, and it helps unlock the “I” in Building Information Modeling. With the right cloud-based solution, BIM/VDC teams can remove historical barriers to entry (like hardware or lack of Revit expertise) and give anyone access to the power of BIM data.

This guide will walk you through:
• Why using a cloud-based model conditioning workflow matters
• What the workflow involves – and how it makes life easier for the entire project team
• Success stories from general contractors who use this workflow
• Insights into the technology adoption process

By the end, BIM/VDC experts will walk away with a clear picture of how a cloud-based workflow will help them empower project stakeholders with more useful, more up-to-date, and more accurate BIM data.