Webcast: The Next-Gen Worker 2014

Millennials have changed the way we communicate and as they move into the workforce, they expect the flexibility to be as productive, collaborative and connected in the workplace as they are in their personal lives. By 2015, millennials will make up the majority of the workforce, requiring companies to change the way they do business to accommodate these new workstyles. This shift starts with technology, but in the end is about creating a more collective and connected way to work for everyone.

Listen to the webinar to learn about the adjustments companies must make to attract and retain top talent in this new workforce reality. In discussion with PwC, we’ll cover:

• Key Findings from PwC’s latest research, NextGen: A Global
Generational Study.
• How millennial workstyles encourage a more collaborative way to work
for everyone.
• Organizational and cultural changes to consider to strengthen talent recruitment strategies.
• The role technology plays in creating a more collaborative workplace.