Whitepaper: Blueprints for Big Data Success

Blueprints to Big Data Success

The big data opportunity is growing rapidly, and research indicates that the top two big data challenges that organizations face are determining how to get value out of big data and defining a big data strategy. This whitepaper address what these use cases are, why companies are investing in them, and their common reference architectures.

Learn how to succeed with four common big data scenarios:
• Data Warehouse Optimization – How to reduce data warehouse costs and improve performance
• Streamlined Data Refinery – How an agile data integration process can significantly reduce development time for mapReduce by 15x over typical handcoding and scripting processes
• Customer 360 Degree View – Why blending a variety of operational and transactional data sources to create on-demand analytical views can identify new revenue opportunities
• Monetize My Data – How it’s possible to use internal data to deliver high-value data sets to external customers