Why You Just Might Need a Next-Gen Workstation Checklist

Are you trying to determine the best platform for your next-generation design, analysis, and engineering activities?

What are the features of a best-of-breed workstation? And which of these should be at the top of your list when outfitting the system that must support a demanding workflow?

This checklist, sponsored by Lenovo® and Intel®, examines today’s technologies and arms you with the insights you need to select the right workstation configuration for your requirements.

Features and benefits include:
• High reliability: Choose a system design that aims for zero downtime. How can you benefit from a system with Intel® Xeon® processors?
• Configuration flexibility: How to “spec” a system that is budget-friendly and can to scale to meet future needs.
• Expandability: Ensure that the workstation you choose will let you expand components and add peripherals as needs change.
• Power supply flexibility: Will the system you choose keep up with the power demands associated with system upgrades?
• Software optimizer: Can the system be tuned to ensure optimum performance with the software you will use?
• Ease of repair: How a tool-less design and other features can make life easier for IT personnel responsible for component upgrades.

Download this checklist today and arm yourself with the insights you need to choose the optimum professional workstation configuration for your needs.