Zenlayer Global Accelerator: Enhance Cross-Border Application Performance With the Next-Generation Global Accelerator

As businesses grow across the country borders, they are under enormous pressure to connect global users to digital services. Yet, many companies are struggling to make this happen because they lack the right infrastructure and platforms. This leads to poor end-user experiences and customer churn.

Zenlayer, emerging market’s NO. 1 edge cloud service provider, now offers Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA), an API-driven network acceleration service that runs over the company’s robust global private network. ZGA grants access to the origin server by creating instant connections to local nodes, eliminating long-haul data transfers and boosting digital performance. The service instantly accelerates applications, games, IoT and blockchain deployments, websites, audio and video streams, enterprise SaaS accelerations, and more. Companies can use ZGA for fast, secure, and reliable connectivity into emerging markets in key locations like China, India, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa without provisioning and managing any infrastructure.

This white paper provides a complete overview of ZGA, including:
• What is Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA)
• Who can benefit from ZGA
• The advantages of accelerating with ZGA
• Available acceleration options
• Customer use cases
• Top features of ZGA
• A breakdown of ZGA’s architecture

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