VeloCloud SD-WAN Wins Gold at IT World Awards

(Source: NewsFactor Network) These industry and peer recognitions from Network Products Guide are the world’s premier information technology awards honoring achievements and …

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BMC Software Said to Be in Talks to Buy Another Software Maker

(Source: Fortune) The deal would combine two of the largest U.S. providers of informationtechnology management software and would be the biggest leveraged buyout since …

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Firefox 54 finally goes multiprocess, eight years after work began

(Source: Ars Technica) Technology Lab —. Firefox 54 finally goes multiprocess, eight years after work began. Firefox’s multiple content processes don’t suck up as much RAM as …

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FAO joins effort to promote greater use of information technology in agriculture

(Source: BusinessWorld Online Edition)  THE Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are supporting the government in …

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Intel fires warning shots at Microsoft, claims x86 emulation is a patent minefield

(Source: Ars Technica) The implication of Intel’s post is that the chip giant isn’t just going to be relying on technology to secure its position in this space, but the legal system, too. The full …

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The Culture of Content

A great customer experience requires great content. And to ensure all your content meets customer expectations, you need a combination of the right talent, technology, culture, and strategy. It takes effort, but it’s worth it to earn your customers’ loyalty. In this report, we share the nine steps to achieve content marketing excellence, including how to: • Define a content […]

The Blue Print Redifined

The ideal customer experience is everything today, and it starts with a modern digital foundation. You can’t give customers the timely and relevant experiences they expect with outdated solutions that are cobbled together. Read The Blueprint Redefined to see how a modern digital foundation can get you there. You’ll learn: • How a unified platform lets you easily manage and […]

The Art of Integration

It’s amazing how online and offline data remains disconnected. Sculptor and conservationist, Jason deCaires Taylor knows the benefits of connecting two different worlds. In our guide, The Art of Integration, you’ll see what marketers can learn from the symbiotic relationship of Taylor’s sculptures on the floor of Molinere Bay. Read the guide to learn how to piece together all your […]

Log Management Buyer’s Guide

The log management space is confusing, noisy, and crowded with solutions that are often very similar or vague about their offerings. Whether you have a log management solution in place today or you are building your IT stack from scratch, you have to learn the right questions to ask. In this buyer’s guide discover 11 questions that you should be […]

15 Events to Log for Better DevOps

This white paper provides real examples of metrics that can bring good DevOps practices to many major departments, including: • The Sales Team • The Customer Sucess Team • The Product Team • The Marketing Team • and the Data Science Team Inside, you will find example queries, visualizations and alert configurations to monitor CRMs like Salesforce, Helpdesks like Zendesk, […]