Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI) Launches Information Technology Division In Scottsdale Arizona

(Source: EIN News)   CPI launches an Information Technology Division in Scottsdale, Arizona. The IT division will be lead by new hire Brad Blue, Director of Business Development.

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Dexia and Cognizant in Exclusive Talks for Future Collaboration on Information Technology and Business Process Services

(Source: Stockhouse) For Dexia, teaming up with Cognizant on information technology and on its business processes responds to the constraints arising from the run-off of Dexia’s ..

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CITIC Telecom certified to provide secure cloud services in Hong Kong

(Source: MIS Asia) ISO 27017 is the internationally recognised information technology – security techniques – code of practice for information security controls. It is applicable to the …

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Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. and Medicity Launch External Connection with the Department of Veterans Affairs

(Source: Business Wire ) Vermont Information TechnologyLeaders, Inc. (VITL), operators of the Vermont Health Information ..

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Youtube CEO suggests how Donald Trump can really help Silicon Valley

(Source: Sports Perspectives) Members of this council will focus on coordinating vision, strategy and direction for Federal Government’s use of information technology and the delivery of .

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Architecting for the Digital Edge. IOA™ Playbook: Four foundational Steps to Build Your Digital Platform

This playbook is an introduction to IOA and a guide to using the IOA Knowledge Base. The knowledge base is a collection of detailed blueprints and design patterns to help architect for the digital edge and map your journey to becoming a digital enterprise. Following these steps removes traditional architectural constraints and optimizes connectivity, leveraging ecosystems and placing IT back […]

Leverage the Digital Edge: Solving Critical Digital Business Challenges Through Interconnection

This white paper seeks to educate business leadership on the rapid emergence and impacts of digital disruption and the importance of re-architecting IT infrastructure in response. The paper describes exciting new collaboration and business models and explains how an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) strategy empowers businesses to react in real time, adapt quickly to change and leverage digital ecosystems to […]

Build the Foundation for Great Customer Experiences

Unlikely or unforeseen competitors continue to disrupt industries at an exponential pace. The innovation disruptors bring requires a key strategy: Put the customer at the center of your business and deliver great experiences to them. Understand how consistent, timely, relevant and personalized experiences are enabled by having the right technology foundation in place.

Critical Components to Achieving the Perfect Order

All businesses aspire to provide the ultimate omnichannel customer experience. Aspiring is easy, but achieving is difficult, with fulfillment often being the most challenging area to master. Delivering the perfect order requires a delicate balance of inventory visibility, routing logic and strategies for dealing with exceptions. Merchants that achieve the perfect order gain significant business value in the form of […]

Streamlining Unified Commerce Complexity

Why is omnichannel retailing so hard to execute?  It represents a fundamental shift from an internal focus to a customer centric one – putting customer needs, wants and behaviors in the forefront. Explore how consolidate your databases and systems through a cloud-based commerce platform provides a more seamless experience for both you and your customer.