MeitY and Google launch ‘Digital Payment Security Alliance’

(Source: Hindustan Times) Google and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) on Thursday announced a ‘Digital Payment Security Alliance’ initiative that aims to ..

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Xiamen KRT Information Technology Ltd. Produces the Largest Global Centre for Body 3D Data

(Source: MENAFN.COM) Xiamen KRT Information Technology Ltd. has been associated in producing smart technologies such as …

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Konica Minolta Expands MSK Ultrasound Product Portfolio with Intuitive Portable Technology

(Source: Digital Journal) Konica Minolta Healthcare is a world-class provider and market leader in medical diagnostic imaging and healthcare information technology. With over 75 years …

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IOGEAR Launches Portable USB-C Dual DisplayPort Monitor Dock

(Source: Business Wire) IOGEAR, a manufacturer of innovative information technologyproducts for consumers and small- to medium-sized …

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NetApp Progress On Turnaround Will Be Focus Of Earnings Report

(Source: Investor’s Business Daily) Nutanix technology is disruptive to traditional information technologyinfrastructure. Nutanix products have replaced traditional silos of servers, storage and …

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The Winning Supply Chain Formula for Small Businesses

How can small business owners run supply chains that help them sustain and grow their market share?  The world’s most disruptive companies like Amazon, Uber, and Alibaba surely knows how as they manage extremely complex supply chain and logistics operations with few staff and minimal costs allowing them to expand and grow faster than competition. Download this white paper and […]

ERP vs Accounting (What Are the Main Differences Between SMB Accounting Software and an ERP System?)

As cloud-hosted, small business accounting apps have grown in scope, it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between accounting software and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. During growth, most companies typically realise that stringing together a set of separate apps gets very challenging regardless of the added integration capabilities the software may have. Whereas an ERP customised to a […]

The Small Business Growth Playbook

More than half of all Australian businesses are expecting to grow within the next 12 months, yet less than a quarter intend to expand their operations overseas and only 5 percent have plans to launch new products or services. In other words, growth is good but if it only comes as a by-product of continuing business as usual, without the […]

Building Business Apps at Lightspeed Profiles in Digital Transformation A ServiceNow Platform eBook

Staying ahead of your competition requires fast responses to market opportunities. On top of reacting quickly, you must always be innovating to keep your customers, partners, and staff excited and engaged. Your IT organization can become the high-speed driver of your business velocity and innovation. You can lead this transformation. Just download Building Business Apps at Lightspeed. It is your […]

IBM Watson Content Hub eBook

Learn how Watson Content Hub can help you build a consistent brand and win the hearts of your customers.