BWX Technologies Inc Risk Points versus Technology

(Source: CML News) In order to examine the forward looking risk for BWX Technologies Inc … We start by noting that BWXT is in the information technology sector which means along …

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Google to launch 6-city tour in Indy for improving digital skills

(Source: Indianapolis Business Journal) “Indianapolis is rapidly becoming the tech hub of the Midwest,” said Matthew Etchison, vice president of information technology for Ivy Tech Community College, ..

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Amazon revealed as long-awaited retail giant creating at least 1,200 jobs at Logistics North site in Over Hulton

(Source: The Bolton News) GLOBAL tech giant Amazon has been revealed as the next major employer … include managerial positions, information technology, office-related, picking, …

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Arzeda and TeselaGen Partner to Advance Biodesign Technologies for Industrial Biotechnology

(Source: IT Business Net ) Our hypothesis is that biotechnology is essentially an information technology. Improving the flow, handling and interpretation of information is a tremendous …

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Aurora bids for part of Amazon headquarters

(Source: Chicago Tribune) He said if Aurora is not a site for the entire headquarters, it could be home for the company’s Information Technology department. The big draw is Onlight Aurora, …

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Cloud Based It Asset

Complete, unobstructed visibility of your IT environment is the foundation for effective cybersecurity. Without a full, detailed inventory of all your IT assets, your InfoSec team won’t be able to properly protect your organization because the things that pose the highest risk are the ones that you don’t know are there. For a long time, this basic requirement was fairly […]

Sans Cyber Security

A new trend report authored by John Pescatore of the SANS Institute focuses on the latest and best security hygiene and common success patterns that will prevent your organization from falling victim to major data breaches. Cyber security trends clearly show that attacks on computer networks will continue, and many will succeed. Additionally, organizations must expand current security measures in […]

Reducing Attack Surface Sans Second 2016 Survey Continuous Monitoring Programs

Continuous monitoring remains a complex set of processes and practices that involve presenting a true representation of an organization’s exposure to cyber risk. One of the biggest challenges faced by IT security teams today is how to get an accurate picture of their organization’s exposure to threats. A new survey by the SANS Institute focuses on determining how organizations conduct […]

Excel Security Assessments Without Excel Spreadsheets

Are your vendors and other business partners putting your organization at risk? How compliant with information security standards, government regulations and internal policies are the third parties your organization does business with? Download this white paper to learn more about excel security assessments without excel spreadsheets.

Prioritizing Vulnerability Remediation Age Threat Disclosure Overload

One of the biggest challenges faced by information security teams today is how to effectively prioritize their vulnerability remediation work. Why? New vulnerabilities are disclosed every day, amounting to thousands per year. Burdened with this overload of vulnerability disclosures, infosec teams often get overwhelmed by the task at hand and throw up their hands in frustration. After all, no IT […]