2024 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

After years of uncertainty, the labor market balanced slightly in 2023. Data shows a stabilization of key recruitment metrics, and an overall decrease in recruitment marketing costs.

Despite this stability, it remains imperative to stay up to date with recruitment marketing benchmarks to track your performance and adjust your strategy. Appcast’s 8th annual Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report has the data you need to help meet your hiring goals in any economic climate.

Download today and find out why nearly 7,000 TA professionals read this report last year!

In this report you will learn:
• How key economic indicators impacted recruitment marketing over the past year.
• How recruitment metrics – such as cost-per-application and apply rate – vary by job function.
• The outcomes and costs of job posts across geographic regions.
• The most effective days to post your job ads.
• Actionable insights to improve your job ad content.
• And more!