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Revolutionizing Your Technical Recruiting Process

40 hours. That is the average number of engineer hours spent interviewing and screening candidates to fill a single engineering role. Why is this number so high? Because traditional recruiting processes weren’t designed to meet the challenges of today’s hiring market. Luckily, a better way is possible. CodeSignal’s new guide digs into how to revolutionize your company’s technical hiring processes […]

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CodeSignal University Ranking Report 2022

Technical recruiters today are in fierce competition for top engineering candidates. At the same time, thousands of students graduate from computer science undergraduate programs each year who struggle to land an interview, despite having the skills needed to succeed on the job. Why is this happening? Because recruiters often target only those candidates who come from name-brand schools—even though over 94 […]

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The Experts’ Guide to Data-Driven Recruiting in 2022

Not sure where to start with implementing data-driven recruiting processes? The experts are here to help. This guide brings together advice from Talent Acquisition leaders from top companies like Indeed, Wayfair, and others. These experts offer insights on:• Using data to increase diversity• Optimizing interviews to better identify top talent• Leveraging recruiting automation, and more

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