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The Absolute Must Do’s To Build an Agile Organization

A company’s agility trumps efficiency as today’s predictor of success. What do we mean by agility? It’s how powerfully your organization can react to changes in the marketplace, recognize and close employee skill gaps, and align the right people in the right places to handle any pivots in business strategy. How can you make your organization more agile? There are […]

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Toxic Employees In The Workplace: Hidden Costs And How To Spot Them

The toxic employee: we’ve all worked with one and dread having them around. But can one bad apple really spoil the whole bunch? The answer may surprise you. Cornerstone’s recent study unveils how toxic employees affect morale, productivity and staff attrition. It also provides strategies to manage a toxic employee and even identifies warning signs to look for during the […]

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Reimagine Work

Globalization, generational shifts, new attitudes towards work and the consumerization of IT are driving business leaders to reconsider the best ways to recruit, train and manage their precious talent. These changes in the way people work are an opportunity to put employees at the center of the business strategy, create a destination for employee collaboration and mobilize talent to deliver […]

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