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Detecting and Mitigating Ransomware With Unitrends Unified BCDR

The latest iterations of ransomware are built to overcome traditional security mechanisms and do so with a surprising rate of success; 75% of organizations infected were running up-to-date endpoint protection and 53% of organizations running multiple AV solutions still fell victim to an attack. Authorities and industry experts alike are touting a complete business continuity and disaster recovery strategy as […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Ransomware

Almost 50% of IT professionals believe their organizations are not prepared to defend against ransomware attacks. Ransomware is one of the most sophisticated and dreadful cyberthreats facing organizations today. In fact, 56% of organizations have faced a ransomware attack at some time or other. That’s a stat you certainly don’t want to be part of. With open-source versions of ransomware […]

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Myth vs. Reality: What You Need to Know About Microsoft 365 Backup

Many organizations that use Microsoft 365 hold a common misconception that Microsoft is responsible for their data protection and that data backup isn’t necessary. While Microsoft is responsible for application uptime and availability, you are responsible for the protection of your data. To help protect your Microsoft 365 data better, we have come up with a concise eBook. This eBook […]

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