Communication Matters: How Employee Empowerment Impacts Brand Experience

In order to stay profitable and relevant, successful retailers are focusing on customer experience (CX) to set them apart. They train employees to look beyond the walls of their department and become brand ambassadors, aware that everything they do on the job impacts CX. Since most shopping begins digitally and is often completed at a store location, they know seamless omnichannel journeys and personalization/customization complement the in-store experience.

While there are many steps to making these goals possible, unified communications and collaboration helps retailers connect with customers on a new level. That’s because, now more than ever, your employees play a central role in bringing this new and improved CX to life.

In this eBook, we’ll outline five communication experiences that illustrate how a unified communications and collaboration strategy can create an effortless employee experience that allows your team to better serve shoppers at all stages of their journey.