CSPs Can Secure Their Profitability in 2021 By Utilizing the Power of Wi-Fi 6 for Smart Homes

In this report, Beecham Research’s CEO Robin Duke-Woolley examines how the first and only self-optimising, whole-home WiFi technology is delivering ISPs an increase of up to $15 smart home related ARPU.

The top 2 CSPs in the USA and two of the largest fixed-line providers in Europe have switched to this technology and are also seeing their NPS scores boosted by up to 60 points.

Inside the report:
• Exploring the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 and how this finally enables CSPs to compete with the big tech companies in the smart home space
• The latest strategy for leveraging AI, Cloud and Data Insights, in conjunction with WiFi 6, to reduce marketing and OPEX costs by up to 36.7%
• How self-optimising, whole home Wi-Fi has proven to reduce churn by 30%, TRR by 67%, deployment times by 67% and support calls by up to 50%
• A look at the profitable opportunities for CSPs that embrace Smart Home 2.0 solutions
• An in-depth interview with the CTO behind this tech