Equinox Gets Analytics in Shape with Data Warehouse Modernization

Fitness company Equinox is passionate about high-performance living, improving wellness, and providing an experience that enables its members to see health results. They captured and streamed real-time data from fitness bikes and translated that data into visuals on screens in the gym. This was a game-changer for Equinox’s customer experience. The data for this project, and across Equinox’s enterprise analytics environment, was growing at an unsustainable pace for the company’s traditional on-premises enterprise data warehouse (EDW). The result: expensive processes and missed SLAs for reporting.

Join our webinar to learn how Equinox modernized its analytics with an agile solution that scales as data grows. Using Informatica and Amazon Redshift for its modern data warehouse, Equinox has improved data load time and reduced costs. The company can now meet SLAs and deliver relevant data to its business analysts.

Register to learn how to:
• Use AI-powered data discovery for self-service analytics and cloud migration
• Easily and quickly integrate data from hybrid or on-premises sources into Amazon Redshift
• Accelerate the migration of your on-premises EDW to Amazon Redshift, while protecting your investment
• Manage data for analytics at scale, utilizing ETL, ELT, and high-performance features, to meet reporting SLAs and cut costs