How to Leverage Cloud & Big Data to Beat Churn

When you register for the webinar, you will receive the new executive report by world-leading analyst firm, Beecham Research: How CSPs can secure profitability in 2021 by realising the power of Wi-Fi 6 for smart homes

The pandemic has accelerated what many predicted was coming – unbridled consumer demand for hyper-connectivity and highly personalized broadband services.

As bedrooms have been converted to home offices, and lounges into classrooms – households are more reliant than ever on broadband connectivity, and many of these changes are set to last indefinitely.

Many Internet Service Providers have already taken the crucial step to build a new bundle of services around broadband, and offer an expanded set of personalized in-home experiences to subscribers.

But where to start?

With data from Plume homes showing that network activity has surged to over 120% of pre-pandemic levels, ISPs need to arm themselves with a suite of technology solutions to deliver enhanced subscriber experience, achieve game-changing operational results, and tackle the age-old problem of churn.

This webinar explores how you can build an effective strategy to address subscriber churn and win, starting with the foundation of rock-solid smart whole-home WiFi.

You will learn:
• How to leverage cloud, AI and data insight to optimise QoE
• Why ISPs are readily turning to new smart WiFi services
• How cloud control can get the most out of WiFi 6
• Real-world case studies that have boosted NPS scores by up to 60 points, and cut subscriber churn by up to 30%