Security at Scale: Governance in AWS

You can run nearly anything on AWS that you would run on on-premise: websites, applications, databases, mobile apps, email campaigns, distributed data analysis, media storage, and private networks. The services AWS provides are designed to work together so that you can build complete solutions. An often overlooked benefit of migrating workloads to AWS is the ability to achieve a higher level of security, at scale, by utilizing the many governance-enabling features offered. For the same reasons that delivering infrastructure in the cloud has benefits over on-premise delivery, cloud-based governance offers a lower cost of entry, easier operations and improved agility by providing more oversight, security control, and central automation. This paper describes how you can achieve a high level of governance of your IT resources using AWS. In conjunction with the AWS Risk and Compliance whitepaper and the Auditing Security Checklist whitepaper, this paper can help you understand the security and governance features built in to AWS services so you can incorporate security benefits and best practices in building your integrated environment with AWS