See What the Future of Workforce Management Looks Like

Leading organizations are combating economic uncertainty by investing in workforce management solutions that drive workforce efficiencies, reduce unnecessary labor costs, and manage complex compliance standards.

A modern workforce management solution has been shown to provide a $12.24 for every dollar invested, but an outdated workforce management solution can cost organizations millions of dollars per year.

How can you possibly find the best performing workforce management solution for the next generation of work?

Luckily, NelsonHall has a report that allows leaders to compare leading workforce management vendors, and identify the best performing solutions when it comes to cost value, employee engagement, and ability to meet future requirements.

Download this NelsonHall report to learn the many reasons why UKG has been identified as the next generation leader in workforce management, including:
• 20% annual revenue investment in R&D, leading to new technology and service innovations
• AI-driven scheduling that supports forecasting through machine learning, including the ability to set budgets and 15-minute volume forecasts
• Product agnostic self-service options for ALL types of employees
• 96% customer retention due to second-to-none support and capabilities to manage global labor complexities and compliance

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