The 3 Secrets for Hiring Top Tech Talent (with the Resources You’ve Got)

It’s a complicated time to be hiring software engineers. Even with today’s uncertain economic climate and highprofile layoffs, companies continue to recruit aggressively for specialized and senior-level technical roles. Yet, technical hiring is harder than it should be. Resource strapped recruiting teams struggle to source qualified talent for high-priority tech roles, engineers are stretched thin by spending too much time interviewing unqualified candidates, and candidates themselves become frustrated with what’s often a slow and cumbersome recruiting process.

It’s time to go beyond the noise by optimizing your tech recruiting to identify the right candidates with the right skills. Doing so empowers you to make the best use of your resource-constrained teams by using technical evaluations that provide an accurate measure of candidates’ skills. This guide will walk you through common pitfalls of technical evaluations in 3 key areas— process, questions, and platform—and the secrets to solving them to hire the exceptional tech talent your organization needs to thrive.