The Data- and Tech-Enabled Executive of the Future

What data-driven leadership looks like

The rapidly changing business environment requires a new kind of leader: One equipped with the skills, resources, and technology to understand vast amounts of information and effectively use insights to make informed business decisions.

This data-enabled executive succeeds by ensuring that the organization can adapt to an increasingly uncertain environment and that the right teams and people are working on the right opportunities and that they have the information they need to confidently produce results.

Join this webinar as leaders from Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) discuss what this new leader looks like and how data-driven tools and technology will define a new generation of successful leaders.

Watch to learn how to:
• Gain trusted insights to understand the workforce, including the pay equity gap, and how likely a person might be to leave a job
• Use data to monitor employee engagement, and how that is tied to productivity
• Provide the right info to the right people, at the right time, in the right places to help teams be successful