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The Data- and Tech-Enabled Executive of the Future

What data-driven leadership looks like The rapidly changing business environment requires a new kind of leader: One equipped with the skills, resources, and technology to understand vast amounts of information and effectively use insights to make informed business decisions. This data-enabled executive succeeds by ensuring that the organization can adapt to an increasingly uncertain environment and that the right teams […]

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Building a Culture of Connection to Drive Team Engagement

How connected, dynamic teams drive success in the new world of work As organizations adapt to rapidly changing business environments, getting the right team with the right people with the right skills – whether employees or contractors – drives team engagement and productivity. Enabling your leaders to build a team culture and create connection among people working from anywhere is […]

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Ethics, Bias, and Governance in Big Data and AI

Good data and good governance drive good decisions With the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) growing across many businesses, leaders at all levels are asking how they can get useful insights and responsibly use AI-based systems to make rapid, effective decisions. As leaders are increasingly being pressured to ensure that their own decisions are fair and unbiased, […]

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