The New World of Digital Workplace Services

In today’s new, hybrid world of distributed work, the shift in workplace and employee needs has encouraged departments across the enterprise to find new ways to digitize processes, manage employee safety, and unify experiences. Not delivering on employee expectations can quickly erode confidence, create stress, and dilute productivity, and if employees are not stimulated, they will become unhappy, lack productivity, or leave.

These problems can be easily avoided when the proper workplace experience is implemented. With ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery, employees’ procedures and tasks are automated, so they do not have to waste time. These shortcuts skip through the busy work and let their talent and skill rise to the top, all while boosting productivity, satisfaction, and engagement.

Read on to learn about:
• The benefits to a great workplace experience
• How to leverage tools like reservation management, service delivery, visitor management, and employee/team events
• How real-world examples assist, engage, and delight employees globally