Vivial Adds Facebook Advertising to SaaS Platform Capabilities

(Source: PR Newswire) The new offering enhances Vivial’s SaaS Platform which provides customizable websites, content marketing, search optimization and social media marketing for

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AdMaster Establishes Alliance with Tencent MIG to Fight Against Fraud in Mobile Marketing

(Source: PR Newswire ) AdMaster, the leading marketing data technology company, jointly with Tencent MIG (Mobile Internet Group), …

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Fujitsu embarks on new SaaS venture in Japan with APAC up next

(Source: ChannelLife Australia) Fujitsu has entered new territory by commencing sales in Japan of cloud-based solutions for lending and leasing businesses. Developed by US-based Cloud …

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Dyson aims to build on sales with R&D centre in China

(Source: Financial Times) Dyson aims to build on sales with R&D centre in China … Competition from local brands is stiff, with technology companies such as Xiaomi moving into home …

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1001 Startup Ideas – Marketplace Management Tool

(Source: You would need to have a tech expert to design and create the SaaS software. … to have other co founder with past experience in B2B sales and marketing.

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7 Steps to Creating a High-Impact MarTech Stack

Until now, most organisations have built their MarTech stacks piece by piece—adding technologies to meet new needs or test new delivery methods. But with so many applications available and so many competitive gains to be made by using the right combination of technologies, it is increasingly important to have a strategy to connect your stack across marketing and other revenue-driving […]

College to Career: Exploring the Relationship Between College Degrees and Career Success

While the majority of college officials and employers say higher education prepares students for career success, they disagree on the end-purpose of a degree. And the truth is, a diploma is just one piece of a successful employment portfolio. Read The Chronicle of Higher Education’s paper, College to Career, to learn what skills employers expect graduates to have, and how […]

Digital Literacy: An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief

To succeed in the workplace and beyond, It’s not enough for students to know how to use technology. They need the skills to express their ideas and complete projects in a visual and digital way. These 21st century skills are called digital literacy — and your students need to be digitally fluent to meet employer’s expectations and excel in their […]

The New Content Frontier

Customer are infinitely complex, but connecting with them doesn’t have to be. Because while your customers may be wildly different, they do all want one thing — meaningful and relevant experiences. To deliver these experiences requires a powerful web content management system. It’s the digital foundation you need to provide the personalized experiences — that build brands, customer loyalty, and […]

The Art of Integration

It’s amazing how online and offline data remains disconnected. Sculptor and conservationist, Jason deCaires Taylor knows the benefits of connecting two different worlds. In our guide, The Art of Integration, you’ll see what marketers can learn from the symbiotic relationship of Taylor’s sculptures on the floor of Molinere Bay. Read the guide to learn how to piece together all your […]