Nintendo Switch beat PS4, Xbox One because it targeted everyone

(Source: SlashGear ) According to its sales data, Nintendo’s convertible gaming device was the best … more often than not, the hardware and the software are targeted at a specific …

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Walmart’s next generation of managers will train using a video game

(Source: Yahoo Finance ) “While we teach them on the sales floor still with customer interaction in a live store you’re … customer service skills, retail math, and how to use new technology.

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Hartron Innovation Hub Building Enabling Environment For Start-ups in Haryana

(Source: Elets ) Further they end up using different marketing softwares for their marketing solutionneeds. The integration of such softwares is time consuming and leads to …

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Civica innovation partners programme to find new technology SMEs is launched

(Source: Information Age ) They will also benefit from technical support from Civica’s technology community of over 1,500 people and marketing support for future collaborations.

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Microsoft, Intel Look to Cloud Sales as Earnings Season Begins

(Source: BloombergQuint ) Microsoft, Intel Look to Cloud Sales as Earnings Season Begins … Softwarecompanies and those tied to the global cloud-computing push are poised to grab the …

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Driving Strategic Value with IBM Supply Chain Business Network

Modern business-to-business (B2B) integration is critical to increasing revenue, speeding up time to market and improving efficiencies. That is why many enterprises have opted for cloud B2B integration and have chosen IBM Supply Chain Business Network. Read this IDC white paper to learn how you can realize benefits over a three-year period like:• More than $4 in business benefits from […]

3 Sizzling Ways to Warm Up Your Cold Calls

Fact: The average sales rep still makes 52 calls a day. Make the best of your cold calls with 3 new strategies that work. Contrary to popular rhetoric, cold calling is still a thing. So let’s make the best of ‘em by adding some much-needed heat to your cold calls using 3 proven hacks that work. Check out this new, […]

Why Your Cold Calling Strategies Fail (And How To Fix It)

Since 2014, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) has released its annual study, “Top Challenges of the Inside Sales Industry,” which polls both sales leaders and individual reps about common challenges each face. In this year’s edition, which was co-produced by ZoomInfo, sales leaders and their constituents agreed that “Lead Quantity & Quality” is the top challenge to […]

2019 Buyer’s Guide: B2B Contact Data Provider

With so much upside, leveraging third-party data vendors to support sales goals is a no brainer… But far too often organizations fail to properly evaluate vendors during the selection process. Download ZoomInfo’s checklist to learn how to evaluate a prospective vendor’s data quality, inventory, and how well the solution fits into your sales process and workflows. Download now

On-demand Webinar: Objections: The Art and Science of Getting Past a NO

You’ve worked hard, have an appointment with a prospect, and are well prepared. Suddenly, out of nowhere, objections creep into the conversation. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes they are very hard to see, either way, if you can’t deal with them, your opportunity dies. Join CEO and Best-Selling Author of the smash hit Objections, Jeb Blount and Sales Leader at […]