Huawei ban sends tech stocks tumbling, starting another week of losses

(Source: CBS News) The U.S. decision to ban technology sales to China’s Huawei hammered tech companies on Wall Street on Monday, extending stock losses into another week.

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Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma: I know nothing about tech or marketing—this is the secret to my success

(Source: CNBC) “I know nothing about technology, I know nothing about marketing, I know nothing about [the legal] stuff,” Ma said at the Viva Tech conference in Paris on ..

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AT&T denies that selling phone location data was illegal as FCC investigates

(Source: Ars Technica) (By this point, Verizon says it had stopped its location-data sales except for four … Wednesday at a Communications and Technology Subcommittee hearing, as …

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NICE Acquires Brand Embassy, Adobe Updates Personalization Engine, More News

(Source: CMSWire) CM Group, which owns marketing technology companies including Campaign Monitor, Delivra, Emma, Liveclicker and Sailthru, announced the acquisition of ..

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Volvo Cars Reaches Key Battery Deal With LG Chem And CATL Of China

(Source: Forbes) Ltd. (CATL) to supply batteries for its strategy to substantially increase sales of … are planning to spend $300 billion on battery technology over the next 10 years.

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Are You Using the Metrics That Matter?

Today every single aspect of marketing has an associated numerical value: open rates, followers, shares, clickthrough rates, leads created, pipeline created, revenue, and so on. Yet for all the improvements in our ability to measure, marketing still struggles with it’s perception as a cost centre—it’s relationship with growth is still unclear in many organisations. This report by Marketo and B2B […]

Speaking the Language of Business Metrics: The 3 Types of Marketing Key Performance Indicators for Success

We’ve been hearing it for some time now—marketers need to earn a seat at the revenue table. But how do you go about doing that? It all comes down to proving—and improving—marketing’s contribution to the bottom line using metrics that matter. For too long, marketing has been seen as a cost center. And it’s not hard to see why—marketers have […]

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics & Analytics

The role of marketing is constantly evolving. More than ever, marketing has to prove its impact on the success of the business. Outside executives often believe that marketing exists solely to support sales, or as an arts function that hosts company events and puts logos on t-shirts. With the pressure increasing, the growing imperative for marketers to prove their worth […]

The Definitive Guide to Account-Based Marketing

It’s an exciting, albeit challenging time for marketers—new channels, strategies, and technologies have empowered us to engage our buyers like never before. At the same time, due to the abundance of available information, buyer expectations have increased, leaving marketers to fight for their attention as we showcase our products and services. In response, organizations are implementing an account-based marketing (ABM) […]

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing

The impact of social media transcends almost every aspect of our daily lives—work, politics, breaking news, and more. Today, it’s almost universally used—by consumers and brands—and is one of the most effective channels to connect with your audience. Social media marketing offers marketers a vast opportunity to engage with their buyers, across the entire customer lifecycle, on the platforms they […]