Martech Cube launches its latest Marketing automation Buyer’s Guide

(Source: Martechcube) We recognized the need to address the technology challenges specific to a CMO and the marketing department. This need became the crux of MTC’s mission …

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Madison Logic Earns High Praise for Its Account Based Marketing Solutions in G2 Spring 2020 Grid Report

(Source: Martechcube) Madison Logic Earns High Praise for Its Account Based Marketing Solutions in G2 Spring 2020 Grid Report. PRNewswire 12 hours ago May 13, 2020 0.

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PulsePoint Launches Turnkey NPI Targeting And Reporting With HCP Direct Match(TM)

(Source: Olean Times Herald) a technology company using real-time data to accelerate health marketing, … With HCP Direct Match, marketers can now engage healthcare professionals …

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Novantas acquires martech platform Amplero to boost customer engagement for banks

(Source: Verdict) Novantas marketing solutions director Sarah Welch said: “The platform supercharges existing martech capabilities to drive significant lift in customer .

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CallTower Announces Extended Response Program to Enable Businesses with No-Risk UCaaS

(Source: MarTech Series) Marketing Technology News: Teradata Board Appoints Steve McMillan President and Chief Executive Officer. The Enhanced Response Program empowers …

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Create High Value Customer Experiences in the Field Llike HP Indigo

Read how HP Indigo has improved customer experience with a unified technology platform for field service and customer service that empowers customer technicians to be mobile case agents. The platform has also improved product uptime and customer satisfaction while decreasing problem resolution times. Discover: • The benefits achieved by allocating primary field engineers to customers• How HP Indigo approached knowledge […]

The Role of ChatBbots in Field Service Organizations

This webinar recap discusses the burdens placed on field service workers, and how chatbots can improve their daily interactions to drive morale, increase efficiency, and impact service delivery. The webinar focuses on the various levels of complexity of bots and gives a 3-step guide how to: • Identify the most logical processes to automate• Rank processes• Formulate a bot flow

6 Must-Haves for a Fast, Flexible 0eCommerce Platform

Prepping your most important sales channel to beat tomorrow’s challenges The future of digital commerce is knocking. With eCommerce set to account for 25% of U.S. retail by 2030, it’s time to examine if your current solution is equipped for the future of digital retail. 6 Must-Haves for a Fast and Flexible eCommerce Platform presents essential questions to be asking […]

Headless Commerce Primer for Growing Merchants

According to, by 2021 the number of people purchasing online is projected to hit 2.1 billion, while global eCommerce sales will approach the $5 trillion mark. In this exciting era of growth, merchants are turning towards faster, flexible approaches to customer experience management and content development. The Headless Commerce Primer is our entry-level introduction to the basic mechanics and […]

A Better Way to Sell on Amazon

Amazon presents modern businesses an incredible opportunity for expansion and revenue growth. However, the high costs and operational challenges associated with integrating Amazon with your online store can be a major adoption deterrent. Magento is changing that. This eBook presents five ways you can sell more on Amazon while saving money with Amazon Sales Channel, a free extension available for […]