Ingram Micro Cloud Pushes Channel IaaS Sales

(Source: Channel Partners) Ingram Micro Cloud Pushes Channel IaaS Sales, Hands Out Awards … Bergeron says SaaS solutions are simpler when it comes to taking them to market.

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Fujitsu shifts gears toward network management technology

(Source: Nikkei Asian Review) Japanese tech giant Fujitsu will triple its spending on research and … It is aiming for sales of 50 billion yen from next-generation network technology …

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Ratner selects gr8 People for a Complete CRM and Recruitment Marketing Platform

(Source: EconoTimes) Ratner selected gr8 People’s CRM and Recruitment Marketing Platform to source, … The SaaSplatform, which is used in the front-end of the talent acquisition ..

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Amazon’s voice tech is now available to device makers

(Source: Marketing Dive) Offering a development kit helps Amazon ensure there is a steady stream of new devices with the potential to attract new customers and, in turn, more marketers …

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Payroll And HR Software Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast to 2020

(Source: openPR ) The payroll and HR software is a fully integrated functionality that enables the payroll and HR department to operate, access, manage and process …

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The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing

The impact of social media transcends almost every aspect of our daily lives—work, politics, breaking news, and more. Today, it’s almost universally used—by consumers and brands—and is one of the most effective channels to connect with your audience. Social media marketing offers marketers a vast opportunity to engage with their buyers, across the entire customer lifecycle, on the platforms they […]

The Payoff of Account Based Marketing

According to Demand Gen Report’s 2014 B2B Buyer’s Behavior Survey, 34% of respondents said the number of team members involved in a purchase decision has increased over the past 12 months. With the number of influencers on the rise, marketers are using Account Based Marketing (ABM) to be more targeted in their approach to engaging contacts at dream accounts—those big […]

The Definitive Guide to Account-Based Marketing

It’s an exciting, albeit challenging time for marketers—new channels, strategies, and technologies have empowered us to engage our buyers like never before. At the same time, due to the abundance of available information, buyer expectations have increased, leaving marketers to fight for their attention as we showcase our products and services. In response, organizations are implementing an account-based marketing (ABM) […]

10 Reasons to Consider Marketing Automation

As a marketer, you face daunting expectations and goals. You are probably expected to generate successful outcomes in less time, and in a digital age where everything can be measured, you probably feel increased pressure to illustrate the impact you are driving.  But without the right tools and processes in place, hitting your goals and demonstrating the results is difficult, […]

Put Time Back on Your Side: How Adobe Stock Can Jumpstart Your Creative Process

Today’s customers expect personal experiences no matter where they are, on every device. And it’s on your team to keep pace with every digital demand. That’s part of the unique challenge facing by creative studios. But with the right stock solution, you can save time for the big ideas, not the little to-dos. Read Put Time Back on Your Side: […]